Some Press Quotes

"a concentrated load of noisy hard rock, psychedelic harmonies and progressive songwriting" (Betreutes Proggen)



“Tribute to the sixties. Red Cloud convince with whiskey voice and amazing grooves” (Der Patriot, Lippstadt: founded 1884 :D)



"Such a formation is rarely seen in today's short-lived time! All thumbs up! "(Metal Impressions)



"With a distinctive voice, daring riffs, stoic bass and loud drums, Rocco's Red Cloud knows how to thrill the audience." (Coolibri)



"... musically superb was the concert of the trio around guitar magician Rocco Wiersch. Psychedelic intoxicating blues rock of the first order. A sound like hot lava, eruptions and calm river in change. " (Ruhr Nachrichten)



“…Rocco, with his incredible guitar skills and his smoky, whiskey-blued blues voice that takes you deep into the swamps of the Mississippi Delta - plus the well-crafted lyrics…” (Hippiesland)



"... flaring on his six-string a true tonal fireworks ..." (Rock Hard)

Circus of Plague: Album Review March 2020 (from Austria)

 album review, RockMagazine, from Austria, 2020, Circus of Plague

The next band in our small, illustrious group is Rocco's Red Cloud. They come from Dortmund and, according to their own statements, do a psychedelic / progressive / stoner rock. That sounds very complicated to me. In my opinion, Rocco's Red Cloud play a rough, straightforward and hard rock.


The main drive and creative head of the band is Rocco Wiersch, who with his 29 leagues is an old hand in the scene. With Luce Bertermann (bass) and Louis "Lucky Lou" Lenger (drums), he has two absolute professionals on board.

And you can hear that immediately at Circus Of Plague. The first thing you notice immediately is the distinctive grater voice of Rocco, which is supported by his authentic guitar playing. The rhythm fraction is in no way inferior to Rocco. With some songs you can tell that Louis comes from the punk scene and Luce on bass is a real all-rounder with plenty of stage experience.


As already mentioned, the songs impress with their straightforwardness. Versatile and without frills you get down to business. You'd think life in the pot would have contributed to the songs. Hard, fast riffs alternate with soft melodies. The songs come out of the boxes full of energy and extremely powerful. You also like to use other styles and sound a bit stronger. What I like best about the album is the sometimes seemingly endless guitar solos when the band loses itself in space and time and builds up a totally awesome arc of suspense. I miss the words a bit, I mean the strong atmosphere of the songs. This is the moment for an official drake's skin (goose bumps).


Therefore also official 9 out of 10 bangs for Circus Of Plague

Daumen hoch Symbol, album review, RockMagazine, 2020, Circus of Plague