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welcome to our homepage.

We are Rocco`s Red Cloud from Dortmund, Germany.

The name Red Cloud refers to the well known and feared Lakota- chief.

Our music is a unique mix of Psychedelic-, Progressive- and Stoner- Rock, that combines our love for the music of the 60ies/70ies and our interest in new sounds, new music and insanity. :D

The rough Blues / Rock vocals somewhere between Jim Morrison and godfather Lemmy, seasoned with Heavy Rock, brilliant guitar soli and fine arrangements mark a modern band sound you will not hear that often.


In April 2018 the band won the Ruhr area band contest "Best of Unsigned" and a live session video production will follow soon.


Have fun


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Band members

Roccos-Pedalboard 2017
Pedalboard madness
Rocco`s most beloved guitar
married with Rocco

Rocco Wiersch: Vocals / Guitar

born: 27.08.1991 in Dortmund


Born as son of an well-known artist and poet in Dortmund, the little school - boy won four competitions in literature and had his first performances on stage in his early years. His first guitar was tortured by him at the age of three. Ten years later he was totally knocked down by the old man sitting on the ground and singing "Boom...Boom" in the great movie Blues brothers; John Lee Hooker!

Ransacking his father`s wealth young Rocco explored Rory Gallagher, Led zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Doors... and....all this old heroes. Listen, and you can hear them.

At the age of fifteen he won twice the price in an music competition, organized by a well- known club in Dortmund.

In 2007 Rocco founded Rocco`s Red Cloud and from there on, his reputation around the "Ruhrgebiet"- area slowly began to grow.


Next to Red Cloud he took part in lots of different projects and as guitar player for Markk 13, a german Glamrock / Hardrock / Party Band, he supported musicians like Don Airey, Thunder, John Diva, Wille and the Bandits, Quireboys, Chris Farlowe & The Hamburg Blues Band (featuring Clem Clempson), Peter Green, Paul Gilbert, Tito & Tarantula, Fiddler's Green, Devil Doll, Paul Di Anno, Kissin' Dynamite...and more.


2015 Rocco absolved his three years lasting education at the Glen Buschmann Jazz Accademy with best marks.



Important notes: Don`t ask him for his pedalboard!!!...he will never ever stop talking you dizzy. No mercy.

 Yep.  Totally true. :D - Rocco

Luce Bertermann: Bass, Saz and everything which makes noise

born: 09.02.1986 in Ruhr area


This crazy guy joined the band in january 2018, and three months later the band won the Ruhr Area Contest "Best of Unsigned" in Oberhausen.

Photo Marco, Drummer
2017: Marco Kraus: Drums

Marco Kraus: Drums

Born: somewhen in the seventies in Siebenbürgen.


A long long time ago, in the dark age of the seventies, this strange dude was born in the wilderness of the Carpathian forest in Romania. An area you may have heard some people whispering about. There are many rumors about this and i can tell you none are true! After a daring and mysterious journey he settled in Dortmund to continue bashing things with sticks.


In january 2017 Marco and Rocco jammed together and within 20 minutes it was clear that they would make music together from now on.

The symbiosis between music and mystery... muhahaha, ....that`s also Rocco`s Red Cloud.


Let`s start with music

Some older stuff

Feel like going home

This one is from 2014, some days after Rocco`s

father died.

Too much alcohol

From 2013, not played yet, but shows the influences and crazy passion of Rocco;... today only more educated.

Lizard Queen

This is our very first song, written in 2007. This is from 2011, performed live 2 hours before our Gig as support for Eric Sardinas in the Piano bar in Dortmund. Very exciting day, ...performing while lots of cameras rumble around and Eric Sardinas looks amused with a drink in his hand. Very nice guys and a great day.

Red Cloud und Eric Sardinas
2011: Eric Sardinas
Rocco`s Red Cloud werden gefeiert
Great day


Played 2016 in Rocco`s beloved and crazy guitar shop Rockaway Beat. This was a project for different unsigned musicians in the Dortmund northsides, the poorer part of the city, to produce a song for a CD named "The Rockaway way: 11 Ways to Survive the City"


Ace of Spades, Motörhead Cover

Some pics

Steppin Stone (The Monkees Cover)

In the waiting line, Zero 7 Cover

Frozen live: Best of Unsigned 2018

Pearls before Swine live: 2018

And now it`s time for our actual EP...and a little bit more

Since 26.05.2017 on Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes and Co.

EP: Rocco's Red Cloud

Tresohr Session live 2018

Tresohr Session live 2018

Tresohr Session live 2018

Tresohr Session live 2018

Tresohr Session live 2018

So lovely people, that`s it.


Thank you very much for visiting our site. We hope you enjoyed our music.

Maybe...till another day.




Rocco, Marco and Uwe


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