Rocco's Red Cloud


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We're not Motörhead ... but we also play Rock'n Roll ...

and sometimes something else :D

In this mind ... let's start with music.

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News: Double Vinyl and CD on sale now at Clostridium Records, at green-brain, or english, and Greatest Hits Mailorder,

Live from Ruhr Area Contest "Best of Unsigned 2018"

Video session for winning this challenge

Circus of Plague

Our brandnew debut album. Mixed and produced in August 2019 by Siggi Bemm in his wonderful Woodhouse studios. It was a great time to work with him. With all his experience and his extraordinary way to treat with us pesky musicians, he gave us the sound we didn't know we could get it. Thanks  :D


all Songs written and composed by Rocco Wiersch, except Another Time, written by Tom Rapp, published in 1967 by his band Pearls before Swine on the album "One Nation Underground". Album produced by Siggi Bemm, Artwork by Rocco Wiersch

This Plastic Season (6:00)

Down, Down, Down (3:09)

Lizard Queen (7:48)

Clockwise (11:02)

Another Time (Cover, 2:56)

Pearls before Swine (7:08)

Frozen (8:48)

Electricity (5:54)

Vague (12:40)

Album (Vinyl) is now on sale. Remember: only 300 available :D

CD arrived (also limited).

Best way to get it: Visit our concerts (some day)

(if there`s only one song you like ... no matter ... contact us, speak well about us, and we`ll send a Download Link for free ... we`re experienced in having less money :D)


Album Reviews 2020

Mint Magazin

Ausgabe 08/2020

Rocco's Red Cloud

Psychedelic, Progressive, Stoner, Blues, Rock from Dortmund (GER)


The late 60's and early 70's, that was the great time of classic rock trios.  With irrepressible energy, boundless passionful, improvisation and incredible dynamics, three- pieces like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Rory Gallagher`s Band Taste, Blue Cheer, Mountain or Johnny Winter and his band, revolutionized rock music.


Keeping up their tradition, Rocco’s Red Cloud, a young trio from the eastern Ruhr area, are getting ready to add new facets to that classic sound.


The heavy, psychedelic blues rock sound of the Sixties role models is now enriched by the youngsters with the musical benefits of subsequent rock generations, to create their own sound.


The power of Motörhead and the explosiveness of Nirvana - both of course also representatives of the classic trio lineup - complement each other perfectly with the classic blues rock base.


An additional portion of stoner and space rock reinforce the unique character of Rocco's Red Cloud.


Although only 28 years old, Rocco Wiersch - guitarist, singer and mastermind of the band - is already an old hand in the scene. Sponsored by his father, a well-known author and artist, Rocco first performed at the age of 14. Even as a teenager, Rocco proved his class playing support shows for international rock greats like Peter Green, Chris Farlowe, Tito & Tarantula, the Quireboys or in 2017, Deep Purple keyboardist Don Airey.


Even then, the smoky voice somewhere between Lemmy, Rory Gallagher and Jim Morrison was one of the hallmarks of the Blues Rock youngster. As a guitarist, the Dortmund based first oriented himself to the old blues and rock heroes. Clearly, Hendrix, Gallagher, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the others you can not avoid as a rock guitarist.


Meanwhile, however, Rocco, who has completed a three-year apprenticeship at the Glen Buschmann Jazz Academy with top marks, has long since found his own style. He sounds extremely organic, because he plays lively and authentic… though he’s really using a whole lot of gear on stage. With no less than 36 pedals mounted on a gigantic board, Rocco conjures up a guitarist hurricane. But despite all the fuzzes, wah wahs, echoes and other sound effects, Rocco's sound is never technical, never lifeless or cold.


The young guitarist has developed in the last few years – from a great talent to a well-versed string artist.


For several months, the trio is finally perfectly occupied, as in Luce Bertermann and Louis Lenger, Wiersch has found two savy fellow combatants. Bertermann, a musician, performance artist and actor from the Ruhr area, is the bass player in the band and brings (in addition to plenty of stage experience with bands of various styles, and all his self-build effects and instruments) an unbridled dynamic and creativity into the trio. Only 3 months after his entry, the band already won the well-known Ruhr district contest "Best of Unsigned 2018" in Oberhausen.


Drummer Louis "Lucky Lou" Lenger, like Wiersch, born in 91, is rooted in the punk scene, but has a strong affinity for blues and funk. Due to his father, the unfortunately too early deceased frontman of blues rock band Koslowski, he also likes to take over the guitar or vocals. With his incredible energy, he is the backbone, the roaring engine of the power trio at the same time.


While in the previous casts of Rocco's Red Cloud, Rocco himself was always the undisputed center of the trio, it‘s a closed and compact-looking band now - with three equally entitled musicians on stage.

Rocco Unplugged 2018

In the waiting line, Zero 7 Cover

May 2018: Live Unplugged Session with Mattenschuettler, Dirk Prußak. Thanks for this

Ace of Spades, Motörhead Cover